negotiation cont. & meeting simulation

If your flight is crashed down, the most important thing to bring out is a blancket. Next one is a plastic tarp. -- from today's meeting simulation.
Preparation for negotiation - know what you want, your objectives, minimum repuirements, SWOT analysis, prepare some figures or materials that you may need.

class/end of meeting & negotiation

3 recommendations for ending meeting

  • a restatement of objective
  • a summary of what was accompished
  • a list of agreed action that needs to be done

after meeting - follow up-a brief memorandum(=minutes=reports) of conclusions should be distributed
3 types of negotiation - win-win negotiation, independent advantage, win-lose negotiation


to interrupt politely (in US) - give a warning "Excuse me," - interrupt at the end of thought/idea - topic should be linked

  • add opinion "let me share my opinion about this."
  • ask detail "Could you describe that in more detail?"
  • ask clarify "What do you mean by ...?"
  • ask confirmation "is that clear?" "does that make sense?"

class/ meeting cont.

hand the floor over to him - give him an opportunity to speak to him "Can I take a floor?"
participants - attendants, members
minutes - written summary of meeting
adjourn (v) - to finish a meeting
call to order - something chairperson says to begin a meeting
outlook - prediction of the situation


for good meeting - good preperation, know the purpose, start&end on time, timekeeper:stay on schedule, secretary:keep notes, listen carefully, stay calm, be confident:speak up, share opinions
chairperson should be responsible for - setting time, keep on topic, encourage everyone to speak, be fair, highlight, making agenda