it was painful that i gotta go to the gift center to return some samples that are supposed to returned much much earlier. and the person who said "should be back in few weeks" was me ----- and it was a lie, we wanted to keep them as long as we could. my stomach shrinked when lori told me that they called us with nasty words!! since they will have a market this weekend they really need to have them. but from my point of view, i would say we should determine how much do we want to keep them when we ask them to borrow! and if they have sth inportant (eg. market) we can return them only that time. It is a huge loss that the wholesaler doesn't have a sample but since we have decided to have their products they could be nicer - like melissa or alline!(they allowed us to keep them and they ordered samples for them) boo.
also i went to the bookstore @ southcenter and i felt that my english is worse than before... and less careful again! i could have asked her to discount one book which is damaged but i didn't! and where all the samples gone!?!?!?
pretty stressful day - just cuz of me.